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Palau, 4. November 2008 : Einbürgerung nur für frühzeitig Adoptierte

Gebiet Palau
┗━ Stellung unabhängiger Staat
Vorlage Einbürgerung nur für frühzeitig Adoptierte
┗━ Fragemuster Entscheidungsfrage
┗━ Gesetzliche Grundlage Obligatorisches Referendum → durch Verfassungsrat → bindend → Stufe: Verfassung → Partialrevision (Einzelthema)
Ergebnis verworfen
┗━ Mehrheiten gültige Stimmen, 75% der Untereinheiten
Stimmberechtigte 14'196
Stimmbeteiligung --- --- %
Stimmen ausser Betracht ---
Gültige (= massgebende) Stimmen 9'305auf die gültigen Stimmen bezogen
┗━ Ja-Stimmen 4'156 44,66%
┗━ Nein-Stimmen 5'149 55,34%
Staaten 16
┗━ Annehmende Staaten 6
┗━ Verwerfende Staaten 10
Bemerkungen Siehe Vorlage 1

Ja in Ngiwal, Ngchesar, Ngatpang, Airai, Sonsorol, Hatohobei.
Nein in Kayangel, Ngarchelong, Ngaraard, Melekeok, Aimeliik, Ngaremlengui, Ngardmau, Koror, Peleliu, Angaur.

"Constitutional Proposal No. 2-268A
To amend Article III, Section 4 of the Constitution.
RESOLVED, that the following be agreed upon as part of the Palau Constitution.
Section 1. Amendment. Article III, Section 4 of the Constitution is hereby amended to read as follows:
"Section 4. A person born of parents who are born of parents, one or both of whom are not of recognized Palauan ancestry and who is adopted before the age of three (3) by parents(s), one or both of whom are citizens of Palau, shall have the right to enter and reside in Palauan to enjoy other rights and privileges as provided by the law, which shall include the right to petition through a special act of the Olbiil Era Kelulau to become a naturalized citizen of Palau: provided that prior to becoming a naturalized citizen, a person must not renounce his citizenship of another nation. There shall be no citizenship by naturalization except pursuit to this section."

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