Palau, 4. November 2008 : Kostenlose Grundschule

Gebiet Palau
┗━ Stellung unabhängiger Staat
Datum 4. November 2008
Vorlage Kostenlose Grundschule
┗━ Abstimmungstyp Obligatorisches Referendum → durch Verfassungsrat → bindend → Stufe: Verfassung → Partialrevision
Ergebnis angenommen
┗━ Mehrheiten gültige Stimmen, 75% der Staaten
Stimmberechtigte 14'196
Stimmbeteiligung ------ %
Stimmen ausser Betracht ---
Gültige Stimmen 9'338
┗━ Ja-Stimmen 8'02685,94 %
┗━ Nein-Stimmen 1'31214,06 %
Annehmende Staaten 16
Verwerfende Staaten 0
Bemerkungen Siehe Vorlage 1

Ja in allen Staaten: Kayangel, Ngarchelong, Ngaraard, Ngiwal, Melekeok, Ngchesar, Airai, Aimeliik, Ngatpang, Ngaremlengui, Ngardmau, Koror, Peleliu, Angaur, Sonsorol, Hatohobei.

Constitutional Proposal No. 2-275
To amend Article VI of the Constitution.
RESOLVED, that the following be agreed upon as part of the Palau Constitution.
Section 1. Amendment. Article VI of the Constitution is hereby amended to read as follows:
"The national government shall take positive action to attain these national objectives and implement these national policies: conservation of a beautiful, healthful and resourceful natural environment: promotion of the national economy: protection of the safety and security of persons and property: promotion of the health and social welfare of the citizens through the provision of free or subsidized health care: and provision of public education for citizens which shall be free from grades one (1) to twelve (12) and compulsory as prescribed by law."

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