Palau, 4. November 2008 : Obergrenze für Diäten

Gebiet Palau
┗━ Stellung unabhängiger Staat
Datum 4. November 2008
Vorlage Obergrenze für Diäten
┗━ Abstimmungstyp Obligatorisches Referendum → durch Verfassungsrat → bindend → Stufe: Verfassung → Partialrevision
Ergebnis angenommen
┗━ Mehrheiten gültige Stimmen, 75% der Staaten
Stimmberechtigte 14'196
Stimmbeteiligung ------ %
Stimmen ausser Betracht ---
Gültige Stimmen 9'373
┗━ Ja-Stimmen 7'37378,66 %
┗━ Nein-Stimmen 2'00021,34 %
Annehmende Staaten 16
Verwerfende Staaten 0
Bemerkungen Siehe Vorlage 1

Ja in allen Staaten: Kayangel, Ngarchelong, Ngaraard, Ngiwal, Melekeok, Ngchesar, Airai, Aimeliik, Ngatpang, Ngaremlengui, Ngardmau, Koror, Peleliu, Angaur, Sonsorol, Hatohobei.

"Constitutional Proposal No. 2-257 A CONSTITUTIONAL PROPOSAL To amend Article IX, Section 8 to establish a salary compensation for the members of the Olbiil Era Kelulau.
RESOLVED, that the following be agreed upon as part of the Palau Constitution.
Section 1. Amendment, Article IX, Section 8 of the Constitution is hereby amended to read as follows:
"Section 8. The compensation of the members of the Eighth Olbiil Era Kelulau shall be a uniform fee salary the initial amount of which shall be determined by law, but shall not exceed the amount of compensation received by the members of the Seventh Olbiil Era Kelulau, for each day the member attends an official session of the Olbiil Era Kelulau. The amount of the fee shall be determined by law. No increase in compensation shall apply to the members of the Olbiil Era Kelulau during the term of enactment; nor may an increase in compensation be enacted in the period between the date of a regular general election and the date a new Olbiil Era Kelulau takes office."

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